Facultad de Química

Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry, located on the El Cristo Campus in Oviedo, is the University of Oviedo centre responsible for organising tuition aimed at the reception of Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. It also offers university master’s degrees in Food Biotechnology, Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling, Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and Sustainable Development.

The building, which is fully equipped for training, consists essentially of two juxtaposed modules: the lecture theatre and the departmental area. The building is completed by a pilot chemical engineering plant and a small chemical warehouse.

Contact information:
Address: Avda. Julián Clavería, 8. 33006 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 10 34 30
Fax: 985 10 27 78
Secretarial timetable: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Ms. Susana Fernández González

Vice-Dean of Chemical Engineering

Ms. Olvido Concepción Iglesias Huelga

Vice-Dean of Chemistry

Mr. José Javier Borge Álvarez

Academic Secretary

Mr. Victorio Cadierno Menéndez