Facultad de Geología

Faculty of Geology

The Faculty of Geology is located in an imposing building designed by the Asturian architect Ignacio Álvarez Castelao, on the Llamaquique Campus in Oviedo. Its privileged location, in the centre of a very rich and interesting region from the geological point of view, allows easy access to incomparable locations for their didactic interest for the learning of Geology. Its teaching plan places special emphasis on geological training in the field and a high percentage of the teaching consists of field practices. The faculty offers the Geology degree, created in 1958, and the official master’s degree in Geological Resources and Engineering Geology.

The professional opportunities for future geologists are related to fields such as: petroleum research, mining, studies for civil works, hydrogeology, environment, geological infrastructure, geological risks, coastal studies...

Contact information:
Address: C/ Jesús Arias de Velasco. 33005 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 10 30 85
Secretarial timetable: 9:00 h. a 14:00 h. (9:00 h. a 13:00 h. del 15 de junio al 21 de septiembre, ambos inclusive)


Carlos López Fernández
985 10 30 84


Álvaro Rubio Ordóñez
985 10 31 63


Luis Alberto Pando González
985 10 31 64


Montserrat Rodríguez Díaz
985 10 30 85

Head of Unit

Eva García Suárez
985 10 30 89


985 10 95 47