Proyección internacional

Proyección internacional

If you are a foreign student who wants to study at the University of Oviedo through a mobility program, or if you are already a student here and want to learn how to make the most of an Erasmus experience, or if you are a researcher who wants to boost your career with a stay abroad, here you will find all the information you need.

The University of Oviedo joined INGENIUM in January 2023, an alliance of ten European universities that aims to foster innovation and excellence in higher education. It offers students, researchers, and university staff the chance to take part in mobility programs, training, and knowledge transfer.

One of the initiatives that INGENIUM has launched is the “10 Days” program, an academic and cultural exchange that allows students from partner universities to spend several days at another institution within the Alliance and have an international experience.

The internationalization of the University benefits the quality of learning activities, teaching, research, and knowledge transfer and innovation. It also gives the University of Oviedo a competitive edge in the Spanish education system and enables it to offer quality international education that can compete globally.

The internationalization of the University of Oviedo should be dealt with from different angles. Firstly, our university should participate in international cooperation programs, projects, and networks for training, research, and innovation. To do this, it is crucial to attract talent, both researchers and students. But internationalization is more than just mobility; it should cover all areas of activity.