Espacio solidario

Espacio Solidario: commitment to society

The University of Oviedo's commitment to society reaches all areas and is especially close to the most disadvantaged groups. For this reason, the Espacio Solidario of the academic institution promotes multiple initiatives so that the strictly academic training is complemented by an education in civic values, solidarity, and equality.

The Solidarity Space, supervised by the Student Services Department of the Vice-Rectorate for Students, is a meeting point for the development of initiatives directly related to university social responsibility.

One of the most outstanding actions is the volunteer programme in collaboration with different social organisations. Participation in this initiative means official recognition of credits for the students who take part.

The University of Oviedo has set up a volunteering programme in social organisations that gives students official credit recognition in their studies.

Raising awareness inside and outside the university campuses is another of the tasks carried out within the Espacio Solidario. Throughout the year, courses, workshops, and exhibitions are organised to raise awareness among the university community.

In September 2008, the University of Oviedo was registered in the Register of Volunteering Entities and was elected to form part of the Principality of Asturias Volunteer Council, which was constituted on 27 November 2009.

Activities in support of underprivileged collectives

The Solidarity Space of the University of Oviedo carries out various activities to raise awareness and support disadvantaged people and groups, both inside and outside the different university campuses. The collaboration with different social organisations and institutions is constant to carry out this type of initiatives.

The Solidarity Space develops actions to promote gender equality, participation in social responsibility and volunteering programmes and environmental awareness. It also promotes debate on strategic issues in forums on disability or meetings such as the Development Education Conference.

The campuses of the University of Oviedo are also the setting for the Blood Donation campaign, the fair trade market or the literacy courses for immigrants. Support for the elderly also receives special attention through the Conviviendo y Compartiendo Programme (Living and Sharing), an interesting initiative that brings together young people with limited resources who need accommodation and those over 65 years of age who live alone.

Some of these activities are carried out in collaboration with entities and associations dedicated to cooperation in different fields (Ayuda en Acción, Fundación FAEDIS, Asociación de Estudiantes de Medicina IFMSA, Asociación Cultural Iberoamericana Gacela, Fundación CAUCE, ACCEM-Asturias), or within the framework of global campaigns (Muévete por la Igualdad, Día Mundial del Comercio Justo, Día Mundial sin Tabaco, Plan de Drogas, etc.).


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Volunteering for solidarity, justice, and equality

The Volunteering Programme for undergraduate students is part of the initiatives of Espacio Solidario of the University of Oviedo and its commitment to Asturian society and the promotion of the values of solidarity, justice and equality.

Students who carry out voluntary work in organisations will be able to recognise this work with optional credits in their degree studies. The necessary requirements to apply for the recognition of credits are set out in the Statutes of the University of Oviedo and in the Student Statute: students may recognise from 1 credit (for every 25 hours of dedication) up to 6 ECTS credits during their degree studies (with a maximum of 3 ECTS credits per academic year).

For this recognition, a report from the person supervising the volunteer work in the organisation and another report from the Vice-Rector for Students will be required.

To be a volunteer at the University of Oviedo the only requirement is to be willing to dedicate some of your time for the benefit of some social work.

To be a volunteer at the University of Oviedo the only requirement is to be willing to dedicate some of your leisure time for the benefit of some social work. Among these initiatives are the following:

  • Care for dependent or sick elderly people.
  • School support for children at risk of exclusion.
  • Creation of social networks that favour the social integration of certain groups.
  • Participation in drug addiction prevention programmes.
  • Health support for people at risk of exclusion and the most vulnerable segments of the population.
  • Collaboration in tasks of accompaniment and support for people with disabilities.
  • Support for immigrants in literacy and education initiatives.
  • Development of solidarity projects proposed by any member of the university community, student associations and NGOs.

E-mail address: espaciosolidario@uniovi.es

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