Instalaciones deportivas

Modern sports facilities at the service of the community

The University of Oviedo has sports facilities in the three cities where its campuses are located: Oviedo, Gijón and Mieres. The sports infrastructures of the academic institution offer its students and staff a wide range of disciplines with all the necessary facilities.

In addition to the facilities located on its campuses, the university has a university hostel with affordable prices in the Pajares winter resort for all mountain and skiing lovers.


All administrative services are centralised in Oviedo. The open-air stadium has a synthetic athletics track, a synthetic circuit for continuous running, a football pitch, a futsal court, a tennis court and a throwing area.

The building housing the heated swimming pool also has a sauna for men and women, a multi-purpose room and a fitness-gymnasium. Finally, the indoor sports centre, in addition to the sports court, has management offices and a residence for sportsmen and women.


On the Mieres Campus, the university has an indoor sports centre that also has a multi-purpose hall, a sauna, a fitness-gymnasium and the management offices. It also has four paddle tennis courts, two tennis courts, a synthetic grass pitch for seven-a-side football and a circuit of ashes for continuous running.


On the Gijón campus, the university offers the whole community outdoor courts for indoor football, basketball, and tennis.

Brañilín University Hostel in Pajares

This facility, located in the Pajares winter resort, at the foot of the slopes, has rooms for two, four and six people, spacious lounges, cafeteria and car park.

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