Cursos de adaptación lingüística

Language training courses

The University of Oviedo's language training offer includes tandem language learning programmes, intensive and specific courses for the university community and official language tests open to the whole of society.

The teaching and research staff and administration and services staff of the University of Oviedo have specific language training courses to broaden and improve their knowledge of a language. In the case of teaching staff, language training courses are offered to accredit their command of English for teaching in bilingual degrees.

The House of Languages also offers specific courses for official bodies, companies, or cultural institutions, and collaborates with language workshops in the programme for senior citizens (PUMUO), as well as offering intensive summer courses for the university community in general, and specific language learning programmes in tandem, in English, French, Italian and German.

One of the commitments of recent years has been to strengthen collaboration with foreign institutions to become an official examining centre for different languages: German from the Goethe Institut, in different modalities; English IELTS, with the British Council and the University of Cambridge; French DELF and DALF, managed by the Alliance Française; and PLIDA diplomas in Italian, managed by the Dante Alighieri Society.