Prácticas externas

External internships

Through external placements, students are introduced to professional activities related to their training, thus preparing them for their incorporation into the labour market.

The University of Oviedo is committed to the acquisition of professional experience by its students through external placements, which are managed by the teaching centres. The communication and selection processes are carried out through the computer application of the Vice-rectorate for Students.

Students can also participate in support activities for university services with collaboration grants. Likewise, the university, through the Vice-rectorate for Internationalisation, manages the Erasmus internship grants.

Students enrolled in any official degree programme offered at the University of Oviedo or its affiliated centres, as well as students from other Spanish or international universities by virtue of collaboration programmes or agreements, are eligible for these placements. Neither graduates nor those who have exceeded the overall course load of the syllabus that entitles them to the degree may participate.

When an entity or institution requests a specific student, it must have a prior report from the centre, department, or institute where the student is studying. The Vice-Rector's Office for Students shall decide on the authorisation of the work placement.

Exceptionally, students may apply for external placements in a specific company, entity or institution with the approval of the latter and after a report from the corresponding centre, department or institute.

In addition, there is a programme of paid scholarships for practical training in companies aimed at graduates of the University of Oviedo in the last four years. The programme, managed by the University of Oviedo Foundation, is carried out through collaboration agreements with both national and international companies and provides the beneficiary students with the opportunity to establish contact with the working environment and to promote themselves professionally.

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For more personalised attention: include telephone number in the e-mail.

  • If you are a student and are applying for an internship, you must access the University of Oviedo intranet (Academic Services SIES) with your corporate passwords (uoxxxx, where xxxx is a number).
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