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Information and advice for students

Undergraduate studies offer students academic training linked to a specific area of knowledge, which prepares them for their future professional activity.

In most cases, they are 240 credits, divided into four courses of 60 credits, except for Medicine, which lasts six academic years (360 credits), and Dentistry (5 years / 300 ECTS credits). These degrees are adapted to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and are structured in accordance with Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October.

In terms of content, of the 60 credits of each course, at least 36 are related to the branch of knowledge to which the degree belongs and are made up of subjects of 6 or more credits. Students can obtain recognition of at least 6 credits for participation in university cultural, sporting, student representation, solidarity, and cooperation activities.

If external internships are programmed, they have a maximum extension of 60 credits and are preferably conducted in the second half of the course. Regarding the final degree project, oriented towards the assessment of competences associated with the degree, it has between 6 and 30 credits and is conducted in the final phase of the studies.

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Student Orientation and Information Centre of the University of Oviedo (COIE)


The University of Oviedo's Student Information and Guidance Centre (COIE) is the point of reference for all students at the University of Oviedo to resolve any doubts they may have. The COIE offers complete information on all the courses offered by the University of Oviedo.

The COIE staff will guide each student according to their needs, referring them to the department or institution that can help them and providing them with all the information available on the questions they ask.

The COIE is the advice point where University students can request information on any aspect related to university services such as university campuses, sports, accommodation, solidarity space... It will also provide information on procedures relating to university entrance exams (EBAU, over 25-, 40- and 45-year-olds), application procedures (pre-enrolment), enrolment procedures and applications for changes of studies and/or university, academic offerings (number of places available, cut-off marks, enrolment fees), and any other aspect relating to academic matters.

Those students who wish to consult their options to study at our university from foreign studies can also find all the information available at the COIE headquarters or through its website, as well as aspects related to the procedures for the homologation of baccalaureate and accreditation issued by the UNED.

From 1 June 2020, the COIE will be open to the public only by appointment.

Access to appointment request for face-to-face service: http://www.uniovi.es/accesoyayudas/estudios/citaprevia



C/ González Besada, 13, 33007 (Oviedo)

Opening hours:

9:00 h. to 14:00 h. (9:00 h. to 13:00 h. from 15 June to 21 September, both inclusive).


985 10 49 04




Office for the Attention to People with Specific Needs (ONEO)

The ONEO is conceived as a service of help and support for students with specific needs to facilitate access, inclusion, and participation in the various academic, cultural, sporting, and social areas of university life.

This office is a service of collaboration, support, and guidance to the teaching staff to prevent difficulties in the teaching-learning process arising from specific needs.

The professional attention provided by the ONEO to each student is personalised and confidential, adjusting to the needs of each case. Thus, the office staff will collect the students' requests and will provide them with psychological and pedagogical advice. They will also provide all the information available on scholarship programmes and specific resources available at the University of Oviedo.



The professional attention provided by ONEO to each student is personalised and confidential, adjusting to the needs of each case.

The normalisation of students with any type of disability within university life also includes the organisation of different awareness and information programmes within the University. The scholarship programme for students with disabilities is a clear example of cooperation.

ONEO's counselling and support work is not only aimed at students, but also at teaching staff. ONEO technicians have specific information and resources that can help teachers to give more and better attention to their students with specific needs.

To contact ONEO, please send an email to the following address: oneo@uniovi.es, indicating the reason for your query and the means of contact (email, telephone). If you want face-to-face attention, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance through the email above.

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