Mayores de 45 años

Access procedure for students over 45 years of age

The entrance exam for students over 45 years of age accredits them for admission to degree studies at this university. The applicant will have to complete a commentary on a text or a current affairs topic, a Spanish language exercise and a personal interview.

The University of Oviedo holds an annual entrance exam for people over 45 years of age, aimed at people who have reached or will reach this age in the calendar year in which the exam is held, and who are not in possession of another university entrance route (EBAU/PAU, Higher Level Training Cycles...).

The test consists of two exercises (a text commentary or the development of a general current affairs topic, and a Spanish language exercise) and a personal interview. The final mark will be determined by the average of the marks obtained in the exercises, graded from 0 to 10. Candidates will have passed the test when they obtain a minimum of 5 points in the final grade (provided that they obtain a minimum of 4 points in each exercise) and, in addition, have obtained a "pass" in the personal interview.

Candidates may take the entrance exam for the over 45s at the universities of their choice, provided that the studies they wish to study are available at these universities. Successful completion of the test will only be accredited for admission to the universities in which they have taken the test. A minimum of 1% and a maximum of 3% of the total number of places offered for each course will be reserved and a pre-enrolment application must be made.

Once the entrance examination has been passed, candidates may sit it again in successive calls at the same university, with the aim of improving their marks. The grade obtained in the new call will be taken into consideration, as long as it is higher than the previous one.

  • For further information: At the Access Unit of the Vice-rectorate for Students (Calle González Besada nº 13, Oviedo).
  • Telephone: 985 10 41 15
  • E-mail: selectividad@uniovi.es


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  • RD 412/2014, of 6 June, which establishes the basic regulations for admission procedures to official undergraduate university education (BOE 7-6-2014)
    • Decree 135/2009, of 28 October, on the development of the regulations governing university entrance exams for people over 25 and 45 years of age (Consejería de Educación y Ciencia - BOPA 10-11-2009)