Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers the following undergraduate degrees in Classical and Romance Studies, English Studies, Philosophy, Geography and Territorial Planning, History, History of Art, Music History and Sciences, Spanish Language and its Literatures, Modern Languages and their Literatures. It also offers university master’s degrees in Spanish Language and Linguistics, Spanish as a Foreign Language, Gender and Diversity, Socio-cultural Analysis and History, Scientific Culture and Innovation, Musical Heritage, Territorial Resources and Management Strategies, Integrated Teaching of the English Language and Content: Early Childhood and Primary Education, Erasmus Mundus in Women’s and Gender Studies.

This faculty arose from the merger in 2010 of the faculties of Philology, Philosophy and Geography and History, as part of the process of reorganisation of centres included in the Ad Futurum Campus of Excellence project of the University of Oviedo.

It is located on the El Milán Campus in Oviedo and consists of the following buildings: Departmental Building, Administration Building, Lecture Halls, The House of Languages, Library, Publications Building and the INIE (Institute of Education Research).

Contact information:
Address: C/ Francisco Rodríguez García, s/n.. 33011 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 10 44 51
Secretarial timetable:


Mr. Francisco Martín Miguel
+(34) 985104352 (Interno 4352)

Deputy Dean for International Relations and International Coordinator

Ms. María del Mar González Chacón
+(34) 985104685 (Interno 4685)

Deputy Dean for Students, Communication, Cultural Activities and SICUE Coordinator (Exchange System between Spanish University Centres)

Mr. Álvaro Solano Fernández-Sordo
+(34) 985104963 (Interno 4963)

Deputy Dean for External Internships and Business Relations

Mr. Salvador Beato Bergua
+(34) 985109577 (Interno 9577)

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Ms. Laura Martínez García
+(34) 985104488 (Interno 4488)

Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Final Projects

Ms. Gabriela García Teruel
+(34) 985104686 (Interno 4686)

Deputy Dean for Quality Affairs, New Academic Programs and Research

Mr. Pablo Huerga Melcón
+(34) 985104510 (Interno 4510)

Academic Secretary

Mr. Fernando Rodríguez del Cueto
+(34) 985104610 (Interno 4610)