Facultad de Biología

Faculty of Biology

The Faculty of Biology offers the following degrees: Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, Master’s Degree in Marine Conservation, Master’s Degree in Biotechnology of Environment and Health, Master’s Degree in Biotechnology Applied to Conservation and Sustainable Management of Plant Resources, Master’s Degree in Biology and Reproductive Technology, International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources and Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation.

The faculty was created in 1982, on the basis of a Biology Section that dates back to 1961. In 1992, its current location on the Campus del Cristo (Oviedo) was inaugurated. The classroom building consists of two floors with 12 classrooms equipped with reprographic and computer facilities. The centre also has computer rooms, a library (10,362 volumes), a cafeteria, laboratories of the departments that teach at the centre and a Graduate Room.

Contact information:
Address: C/ Catedrático Valentín Andrés Álvarez s/n. 33006 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 10 48 07
Fax: 985 10 39 61
Secretarial timetable: Dean's Office: Consultations and Visits from 12:00 to 14:00 - Administrative Unit: Consultations and Formalities from 9:30 to 13:30


Jose Manuel Rico Ordas
985 10 47 94

Vice-Dean for the Degree in Biology

Ms. Ana Alonso García
985 10 35 79

Vice-Dean for the Degree in Biotechnology

Mr. Ricardo Sánchez Cármenes
985 10 27 41

Academic Secretary

Ms. Belen López Martínez
985 10 47 68


Ms. Pilar Cuesta Fernández
985 10 48 50

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