Facultad de Ciencias

Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences offers degrees in Physics and Mathematics, as well as a double degree in both disciplines. As postgraduate courses, it offers the Master’s Degree in Mathematical Modelling and Research, Statistics and Computing, the Master’s Degree in Data Analysis for Business Intelligence and the Master’s Degree in Advanced Physics: Particles, Astrophysics, Nanophysics and Quantum Materials.

This centre is one of the oldest at the University of Oviedo. In the 1980s it gave rise to the faculties of Chemistry, Geology and Biology. In the following decade, it was re-established with the faculties of Physics and Mathematics. Its current location, in the building at calle Federico García Lorca, nº 18 (Oviedo), dates from 1958.

Contact information:
Address: C/ Federico García Lorca nº 18 33007 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 10 33 73
Fax: 985 10 32 91
Secretarial timetable:


Mr. José Manuel Noriega Antuña
985 10 34 25 - 985 10 33 36


Ms. Mª Ángeles Cerdeira García
985 10 33 02


Mr. Carlos Fernández García
985 10 34 20


Mr. Javier Fernández Menéndez


Ms. Fátima Drubi Vega
985 10 33 71


Ms. Mercedes García Fernández
985 10 28 91