Facultad de Derecho

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers three highly regarded degrees that have passed all the quality assessments to which they have been subjected, particularly by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA). These are the Bachelor’s Degree in Law, the Joint Programming (PCEO) of the Bachelor’s Degree in Law and the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and a postgraduate degree: the Master’s Degree in Legal Protection of Vulnerable Groups and People. It also works closely with the International Postgraduate Centre of the University of Oviedo and the Bar Associations of Gijón and Oviedo, which are responsible for the University Master’s Degree in Law.

This faculty is the oldest centre of the University of Oviedo, as heir of the Law, Canons and Theology studies, with which the institution began its activity in 1608, in the Historical Building of San Francisco Street. The current headquarters are located on the El Cristo Campus. The centre has 23 fully equipped classrooms, two computer rooms, a study room, a lecture room, a lecture hall, our Main Hall, and the offices of the Dean’s Office, together with different leisure and relaxation areas.

Contact information:
Address: C/ Valentín Andrés Álvarez s/n. 33006 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 10 38 12 / 985 10 38 13 (General Affairs Secretariat)
Secretarial timetable:


Mr. Javier Gustavo Fernández Teruelo
985 10 47 21

Vice-Dean of Academic Planning

Mr. Diego Álvarez Alonso
985 10 62 98

Vice-Dean of Students and Professional Guidance

Ms. Beatriz Vázquez Rodríguez
985 10 36 76

Vice-Dean for Quality and Social and International Projection

Mr. Miguel Iribarren Blanco
985 10 42 21


Ms. María Paz Fernández-rivera González
985 10 38 59

Administration of the Centre and Student Secretary’s Office

985 10 38 15