The History Department is the unit responsible for teaching and research in historical disciplines at the University of Oviedo. To this end, the staff of the Department is divided into seven areas of knowledge from which its activity is coordinated: Archaeology, Historiographic Sciences and Techniques, Prehistory, Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History and Contemporary History.

Teaching and research are the two fundamental activities of the department’s university teaching staff, in addition to the work of disseminating History in society, the purpose being to serve as a meeting point for people and institutions that cultivate History in Asturias and the rest of the world.

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Dirección: Campus del Milán C/ Amparo Pedregal s/n 33011 - Oviedo
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Mr. Jorge Muñiz Sánchez


  • Archaeology
  • Historiographical Sciences and Techniques
  • Ancient History
  • Contemporary History
  • Medieval History
  • Modern History
  • Prehistory

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