Filología Inglesa, Francesa y Alemana

English, French and German Philology

The English, French and German Philology Department, made up of a team of 90 people, is dedicated to the teaching of English, French and German language, culture and literature, to train professionals in the teaching of English, French and German, as well as translators, adapters (of translations for the dubbing of films), editors, human resources managers, and many other professions for which language specialists are needed in the globalising context in which we live.

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Dirección: El Milán Campus. C/ Amparo Pedregal s/n. 33011 - Oviedo
Teléfono: 985 10 45 30, 985 10 45 31
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Ms. Alejandra Moreno Álvarez

Deputy Director

Ms. Carmen Quijada Diez


Mr. Vicente Montes Nogales


  • German Philology
  • French Philology
  • English Philology

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