Programa tándem

Tandem Programme

Tandem language learning involves two speakers of different mother tongues working together to improve their knowledge of each other's languages and cultures: to learn more about the other person, their language, and their environment. The Tandem Programme is open free of charge to anyone associated with the University of Oviedo: students, teachers, students of La Casa de las Lenguas, administrative and service staff, etc.

Those interested in participating in this type of language training only shall fill in the registration form. The Tandem Programme has linguistic advisors in each language who are responsible for the pairings and of supporting and guiding the students in their learning.

To obtain official certification of participation in the Tandem programme, the student must have practised the languages involved for a minimum of 30 hours (15 hours in each language). They will also have to keep a diary of what they have learnt with their partner in each session and attend a monthly tutoring session with their language advisor. Finally, you will have to submit a short report on your experience in the programme. Participation in the Tandem Programme will give extra points to those students who apply for an Erasmus International mobility grant.

German Tandem

Through the cooperation agreement signed with the Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), students and other members of the university community are provided with a means of improving their knowledge of the German language and the possibility of obtaining credits.

The German Tandem Programme is a means to improve the knowledge of the German language, to serve as a motivation for a greater diffusion of the learning of this language and, at the same time, to contribute to the coexistence and mutual knowledge of students of different nationalities, all within the framework of the global objective of providing university education with a European dimension.

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