Programa a-DUO

a-Duo Programme

The University of Oviedo promotes the a-dUO programme. This initiative puts a foreign student in contact with a Spanish student, preferably from the same campus, to facilitate the student's integration into university life.

Foreign students will receive guidance from a Spanish classmate from the same campus during their first weeks in Asturias. They will help them to complete formalities, find accommodation and find their way around the city and the university.

They will also be able to request a document certifying that they have participated in a-dUO. To register for the programme, all you need to do is fill in the short form below. You will receive an e-mail with instructions. Once the participation has been validated, the name of the partner will also be sent by e-mail.

Students who have already participated in this programme and want to participate again should fill in the form again specifying the current date of availability.