a-dUO Program

The University of Oviedo promotes the a-dUO Programme. This initiative puts a foreign student in touch with a Spanish student, preferably from the same campus, to ease integration into university life.

Foreign students arriving at the University of Oviedo starting in September will discover how a-dUO makes it easier for them to find their way around the region's cities, find lodging, use public transportation and adapt to Asturias.

Foreign students will receive advice from a fellow Spanish student from the same campus during their first weeks in Asturias, who will help them to do the paperwork, find housing and get around the city and the University.

Through a-dUO, Spanish students will have the chance to learn other languages and another culture. Furthermore, if they collaborate well with this programme and opt for an Erasmus Programme grant or a cooperation agreement grant for the following course, they will receive extra scoring on selection scales. This will be certified based on the international student's evaluation of the help received.

Students can also request a certificate documenting that they have participated in a-dUO. To sign up for the programme, all you have to do is fill in the short form below. You will receive an e-mail with instructions. Once your participation has been validated, you will receive the name of your fellow student by e-mail.

Thanks to the a-dUO Program, Spanish students will get in contact with other languages and another culture. Moreover, if they collaborate with the proper use of this program and are eligible for an Erasmus Grant or a collaboration grant for the following academic year, they will be awarded extra points in the criteria for selection. This use will be certified according to how much the international student has been able to make out of the grant they had been given. Students will also be able to request a document proving their participation in a-dUO.

The students who are interested in joining the program only have to fill in the registration form. They will receive an e-mail with further instructions. Once the application has been validated, they will receive the name of their partner by e-mail.