a-dUO Program

The University of Oviedo promotes the a-dUO Programme. This initiative puts a foreign student in touch with a Spanish student, preferably from the same campus, to ease integration into university life.

Foreign students will receive advice from a Spanish student from the same campus during their first weeks in Asturias, who will help them to do the paperwork, find housing and get around the city and the University.

Through a-dUO, Spanish students will have the opportunity to learn other languages and other cultures. In addition, students collaborating in this programme will be entitled to 0,40 additional points in their final score when applying for an Erasmus+ mobility grant.

Students participating in a-dUO can also request a Certificate accrediting their participation in the programme. To sign up in a-dUO, applicants should please fill in the short form below. An e-mail with instructions will be sent in other to complete the application. Once the participation has been validated, the name of the fellow student will be sent by e-mail.