Undergraduate Degrees

Oferta 2021/2022

  • Degree in Mathematics

    General Information


    The duration of the Degree in Mathematics is of 4 years. The minimum number of credits needed to obtain the degree is 240 ECTS credits.

    Responsible Center:

    Modality: Attendance required

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Distribution and Credits:

    • Formación Básica: 60
    • Obligatorias: 138
    • Optativas: 30
    • Trabajo Fin de Grado: 12

    Admisión: 37 plazas. Necesaria preinscripción

    Registration fees for first-time enrollment in a full course:  771,12 €

    Access and Career Opportunities

    Profile of the New Student
    • Recommended High School modalities with the PAU examination passed: Scientific-Technical.
    • Higher Grade formative cycle: Administration and Finances, Management of networked computer systems
    • Access examination for people Older than 25, 40 or 45.
    • University degree.

    To be able to complete this Degree, it is recommended that the applicant has a solid base in mathematics, statistics and calculus, and that they like logical reasoning, have scientific curiosity, a capacity for analysis, abstract comprehension, numerical dexterity and that they are committed to studying.

    Professional Opportunities

    Upon completion of this Degree, graduates will be able to work in teams and will have developed their skills in critical reasoning, autonomous learning, and they will be able to transfer their knowledge in a clear way in both teaching and business contexts. Moreover, they will be able to solved problems applied to cryptography, analysis of data, dynamic systems, design and development of models, control theory, reliability, etc.

    Professional profiles:

    • University teaching and researhc
    • Banking and finances
    • Public administration
    • IT and telecommunications
    • Consultancy
    • Market research and risk analysis
    • Industry, management of projects and technical work

    Characteristics of the Center

    Premises and services

    The Faculty is equipped with computer rooms for teaching and use by the students, several laboraties for experimental practices, lunchroom, study room and meeting room. Moreover, it has a library with two reading rooms and a students' delegation.

    Mobility and international relations

    There are ERAMUS agreements with the universities of Tubinga (Germany), Paris and Grenoble (France), and L'Aquila and Trieste (Italy), as well as an international agreement with the University of Virginia (USA). Moreover, there are SICUE agreements with several Spanish universities.

    Internships, employment and tutorial action plan

    Students have the possibility of coducting external internships at the Central University Hospital of Asturias, the CERN, Ingenieros Asesores S.A., and the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). They will also have the Employment Service of the University of Oviedo at their disposal.

    Further information

    Justification of the Degree

    Historical reasons

    Mathematics is one of the disciplines with a largest academic tradition in Europe. they were part of the official curricula of the first European universities during the Middle Ages, and currently the oldest and most pioneering universities offer Degrees in Mathematics.

    This long-standing tradition is not incompatible with evolution. Throughout the 20th century, Mathematics has changed more than what they had changed during the previous 2500 years. On the one hand, the specialized fields within Mathematics have multiplied. On the other hand, Mathematics, which Galileo considered the language of Science, has found applications in then-unimaginable fields, some of which did not even exist before the 20th century, such as information and communications technologies, genetics or the financial markets.


    The university studies in Mathematics, in their different forms, both as Undegraduate and Master's Degrees, appear in virtually all the countries that have a higher education system and, of course, in the countries that form the European Higher Education Area. All of the offer Undergraduate Degrees in Mathematics under different names, such as Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Computers, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics Applied to Technology, Mathematics Applied to the Social Sciences, Financial Mathematics, Economic-Financial Mathematics, Decision Mathematics, Mathematics for Teaching or Mathematical Engineering.

    Social demand and employability

    In terms of the demand of graduates in Mathematics by Spanish society, it is worth mentioning that the professional profile of the graduates in Mathematics is very diverse. the main sectors of employment for graduates, established according the results of the survey conducted for the White Book (www.aneca.es), are the following ones:

    • University teaching and researhc
    • Non-university teaching
    • Public administration
    • Banking, finances and insurance companies
    • Consultancy
    • IT and communications enterprises
    • Industry

    On the other hand, recently, the report on Professional Outlets of the Degrees in Mathematics: Analysis of the Employability and Job Offers has been published, created by the Royal Spanish Society of Mathematics (RSME), by demand of the National Agency for Evaluation of Quality and Certification (ANECA). This report, that can be checked at the website http://www.rsme.es/comis/prof/RSME-ANECA.pdf, is based on the analysis of a national survey in which more than 500 professionals of Mathematics and Statics participated, and in the classification of 1,500 employment offers that appeared in different mediums (Internet, newspapers, etc.) during the first five months of 2007.

    All these results coincide, in general terms, and show that the studies in Mathematics, in their different specializations, offer a set of expectations of employment very attractive, far-reaching and beyond the field commonly associated to teaching and research.

    From the surveys done with active professionals, one can deduce that the entrance of the graduates in Mathematics to the labor market is a very fast process. After 2 years, the unemployment rate is of only 5%, and employment is almost full (98%) after 5 years. Moreover, 52% get a stable job in less than 6 months, and in 2 years that number reaches 80%.

    The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Oviedo has conducted a direct labor monitoring of its graduates from all the classes since the establishment of the Bachelor's Degree. This data confirms that the rates and characteristics of the employment of our Asturian graduates are adjusted to the general features of the corresponding ones on a national level.

    In terms of the social utility of the Degree in Mathematics, it suffices to say that in the last few decades, higher studies in Mathematics in Spain have greatly contributed to society through the adequate formation of teachers of different educational levels, the creation of a wide range of very qualified scientific community, and the improvement of the quality of the services offered by industrial, economic and social applications.

    In particular, in our Autonomous Community, there currently are around one thousand teachers of Mathematics in the different educational levels and fields. Among them, a great percentage is expected to reach retirement age during the next 10 years. As a consequence, due to the need to pass the generational torch in the short and medium term and the convenience of having Mathematics being taught primarily by graduates in Mathematics, it is vital to keep a source of young graduates that can answer to the teaching needs of Mathematics in Asturias.

    Furthermore, Asturian enterprises with as much legacy as Arcelor-Mittal or Cajastur, or newly born, like Neometrics, have been incorporating into their staff for the past few years our graduates in Mathematics.


    The improvement of research in Mathematics has been spectacular in the past twenty years, becoming today the third discipline in terms of percentage of competitive contributions of our country in relation to the global total, and positioning itself in the verge of 5%. The mathematical community proves to be aware that in the next decades it has to be characterized by an improvement of a similar dimension in the field of higher education, at the same time it consolidates and expands its research and scientific activity in terms of its quality. With this, the application of the mathematical knowledge and methodology will be profitable in a large scale for society, in a dense and cross-curricular way.


    In this context, the existence of a university education in Mathematics, solid and of quality, is a fundamental asset for the future scientific and technological developement of our Community, of our country and of the European Union, as a consequence of the growing importance of the role of Mathematics in the most diverse fields of knowledge, from the implications for the industry and engineering to the economy, logistics and risk analysis, including information and communication technologies.

    The Degree in Mathematics of the University of Oviedo

    The current Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics was established in the University of Oviedo in 1990, started by a previous agreement with the University of Cantabria. Since then, 324 graduates have passed by the Faculty of Sciences, through 15 classes.

    The quality of the formation received by our graduates is widely proven by their recognition in the labor market, by the high level of a good portion of its academic records and the prestige achieved by our young researchers in the mathematical community. As an example, it is worth mentioning that, within only 15 classes of graduates, four of our students were given the National Award of the Bachelor's Degree. In the field of research, the Award of the Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics to a Young Researcher was awarded to a Asturian Bachelor and Doctor in Mathematics by the University of Oviedo. And in the world of the enterprise, a Bachelor of our Faculty, owner of an enterprise with more than 100 employees, has been give, among other prizes, the Award to the Young Entrepreneur of Asturias in 2006 and the KDD CUP 2007, the most important and prestigious annual competition in which public and private organizations of all around the world compete to create the most advanced mathematical models that may solve the extremely complex analytical problems of the real world, in disciplines as diverse as medicine, marketing or the environment.

    Moreover, the Departments of Mathematics and Statitics, Operative Research and Didactics of Mathematics, the main foundations of the Degree in Mathematics, host distinguished research groups that have already consolidated themselves in diverse areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics.


    The current social and labor demand, its importance for the development of the Asturian society, its universal acceptance, its cross-curricular nature, and the quality of the researchers and teachers of Mathematics justify, then, the establishment of a Degree in Mathematics at the University of Oviedo.

    Arguments in favor of establishing an Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics during the 2009-2010 academic year:

    • The new Degree involves plans that improve the studies, created during the processes of institutional evaluation.
    • Availability of well-prepared teachers to carry out this task.
    • Capacity to attract new students, even in the general situation of decrease of university students.
    • Since the 2001-2002 academic year, with the Tuning Project, and including the publication of the White Book of the ANECA in 2003, our Degree has been actively working in its adaptation to the EHEA, through the Conference of Deans and Directors of Mathematics.
    • Since the 2003-2004 academic year, the Degree in Mathematics has been successfully carrying out pilot tests of adaptation to the EHEA.
    • Since the 2007-2008 academic year, our Faculty participates in two interuniversity Master's Degrees in Mathematics adapted to the EHEA that should be linked to an Undergraduate Degree also adapted to the EHEA as soon as possible.
    • Mathematics shares the institutional interest shown by the University of Oviedo in beginning to establish during the next academic year the new Degrees.

    In the same way, we share the interest of our Universtiy and of our Autonomous Community in turning our formative program into a competitive Degree.

    Termination of the Curriculum

    Adaptation to the Undergraduate Degree

    During the time when the characteristics of the regulations that, in general terms, will be created by the University of Oviedo are not yet know, and always seeking to avoid that the students may be negatively affected by this process, a procedure for the adaptation to the Degree has been designed, as detailed in the following table:

    Bachelor's Degrees that are supressed by the establishment of the proposed Undegraduate Degree:

    The establishment of the Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics of the University of Oviedo means the conclusion of the current studies of the Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, (Resolution 28023 of October 29, 1991, BOE 19-11-91).