Escuela Superior de la Marina Civil

Higher School of Civil Navy

The Higher School of Civil Navy is located in the University Campus of Gijón, in a privileged environment of this city that also houses the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón, with which it shares some facilities and laboratories located in the different departmental headquarters of the campus.

The school has the following training facilities, among others: planetarium, practice boats (3 cruisers, topsails, snipes), manoeuvring and navigation simulators, engine room, liquid cargo room, ARPA and radar, boilers, inert gas and communications, computer rooms, audiovisual rooms, mechanical workshop and engine workshop.

The centre offers degrees in Marine, Nautical and Maritime Transport and master’s degrees in Marine Technologies and Maintenance and in Nautical and Maritime Transport Management. The studies are oriented to train professionals in the maritime sector, whose outlets are developed in two areas: Sea and Land.

Contact information:
Address: Campus de Gijón s/n. 33203 - Gijón
Phone: 985 18 23 23/24 (secretary's office)
Fax: 985 18 23 60
Secretarial timetable: Head of unit: 9 a 15 horas


Mr. Rubén González Rodríguez

Deputy Head of Studies

Ms. Marlene Bartolomé Sáez

Deputy Director of Quality and External Relations

Mr. Manuel Angel Alonso Pica

Academic secretary

Ms María de los Reyes Poo Argüelles

Head of Unit

Ms. Lucía Consuelo del Pozo Puertas
985 18 23 51
985 18 23 60


985 18 23 23/24


985 18 23 43/44