Facultad "Padre Ossó"

Padre Ossó Faculty

The Padre Ossó Faculty was founded in 1965 as the “Padre Enrique de Ossó” Teaching School of the Church and that year it began to offer official teaching studies. Subsequently, it expanded and diversified its educational offer to offer a quality response to other educational needs of Asturian reality. Currently, the Padre Ossó Faculty is a university centre that is attached to the University of Oviedo and in which four official degrees can be studied: Early Childhood Education Teacher, Primary Education Teacher, Social Education and Occupational Therapy.

Its Continuing Education Department also offers courses and postgraduate studies aimed at students, university graduates, practising professionals and, in general, people interested in broadening their training.

Contact information:
Address: C/ Prau Picón s/n. 33008 - Oviedo
Phone: 985 21 65 53
Fax: 985 22 54 39
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Mr. Jose Antonio Prieto Saborit