Facultad de Enfermería de Gijón

Faculty of Nursing in Gijón

The current Faculty of Nursing in Gijón, which offers a degree in this discipline, was created in 1975 by the National Social Security Institute as a School of Technical Healthcare Assistants attached to and dependent on what was known at the time as the “Gómez Sabugo” Healthcare Residence.

The faculty, throughout its evolution and as a differential fact, has transmitted a training with full nursing identity, promoted from the management itself and on the basis of a coordination of the various areas of knowledge, never abandoning the necessary perspective of a multidisciplinary team. It has also contributed decisively to the development of nursing specialities, especially Midwifery and Mental Health.

This centre aims to continue to be a point of reference in the academic and professional spheres, with recognition for its performance, commitment and leadership in training and research in the sciences related to human care.

Contact information:
Address: Hospital de Cabueñes, C/ Los Prados 395 – 33203 Gijón
Phone: 985 18 50 40
Fax: 985 18 50 41
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Mr. Fernando Alonso Pérez