In order to accede to official university studies from bachelor (Bachillerato), it is indispensable to have passed the access phase of University entrance Exam (EBAU). By their hand, students who have possession of  diplomas as Higher-level Specialists in Vocational Training, Plastic Arts and Design, or Sports will access  without the necessity of taking this exam, except if they want to make the phase of admission to raise their grade.

It's possible, also, to change the Undergraduate through the application of change of studies and/or University, and also it is allowed to apply as foreign student at specified subjects or courses in order to broaden knowledge that does not lead to the attainment of official qualifications.

In case of having a university degree, university diploma, technical architect, technical engineer, bachelor's degree, architect, engineer, corresponding to the previous university education system, or equivalent qualification students will do the same application process as the rest of undergraduate students. The university will reserve between 1% and 3% of the places to graduate people.

postgraduate degrees's admissions

The university of Oviedo has a completed offer of postgraduates: máster's degrees, own titles from the university and PhD programs.  In order to accede to these studies it is required to have a undergraduate degree and also a oficial master's degree in case of the PhD programme. All the courses on offer are coordinated by the International postgraduate center.

The student who wants to attend a master's degree might have a oficial Spanish  undergraduate degree or another issued from a superior educational institution belonging to another country membership of European Higher Education Area that empower the access to master degrees' learning.

With regard to the PhD programme, the University of Oviedo counts on all the programs adapted to the European Higher Education Area. In order to accede to the PhD it is required to be in possession of an university master's degree or one previous to the implementation of equivalent EEES. The PhD phase is mainly a research one and, therefore, it is necessary a particular admission process ruled by the academic committee of the doctoral program.

In case of their own titles, the asturian academic institution offers master's programs, specialist and expert, with a clearly professional orientation in all branches of knowledge. To the realization of a master degree, specialist course or expert it is required as previous requirement having a oficial undergraduate degree. As an exception, it is allowed professionals directly related with the course specialization that characterize the title, provided that they have documentary proofs of this professionalism and meet the legal requirements to study at the University.