10 days of INGENIUM

10 days of INGENIUM

What are the 10 Days of INGENIUM?

Twice a year, the 10 Days of INGENIUM offer an opportunity for students and academic staff from partner universities to engage in academic and cultural activities that align with the strategic themes of the Alliance.

The 10 Days program has two parts: a Junior School for undergraduate students and a Senior School for master’s and doctoral students. Each part takes place in a different city, giving participants the chance to learn, share, and work with their peers from other countries. This initiative is a great way to encourage mobility, diversity, and inclusion within the INGENIUM European University.

The Junior and Senior Schools are not only learning opportunities for students, but also platforms for dialogue and cooperation among the members of the Alliance. During these sessions, the governing bodies and the working groups of the Alliance meet and work together. Moreover, activities are organized to raise awareness of INGENIUM among the university community and the wider society.

The first edition of the 10 Days of INGENIUM took place from June 12th to June 24th, 2023, in the cities of Karlsruhe (Germany) and Pescara (Italy).

The Junior School was hosted by the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, where 30 undergraduate students focused on language, culture, and diversity. Meanwhile, the Senior School was held at the University Gabrielle d’Annunzio in Chieti-Pescara, where over 100 graduate students attended specialized courses on science and research, health, well-being, and artificial intelligence.

The first edition was a huge success, creating stronger bonds between the academic communities of the INGENIUM Alliance.

The University of Oviedo and the 10 Days of INGENIUM

The University of Oviedo played an active role in the first edition of the 10 Days, and eleven of its students joined the summer schools that were held in Karlsruhe and Pescara from June 12 to June 24, 2023.

Both in the Junior and Senior School, the selected students had the opportunity to attend lectures by experts, join interactive workshops and practical sessions, and present their projects. Participants all agreed that the experience was valuable, both academically and personally, as it helped them grow their international network, develop social and professional skills, and learn from other disciplines and cultures.

Here are some direct quotes from the participants:

During the five days of the Ingenium summer school, I attended lectures given by renowned experts in fields such as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and various aspects of scientific research. Additionally, I engaged in group activities with students from other countries within the alliance. It was a highly enriching experience as I learned from my peers, developed teamwork and communication skills, and applied the knowledge gained from the lectures.

Pablo Gancedo Verdejo.

Master's in Biomedicine and Molecular Oncology.

During my experience in the 10 days of Ingenium, I had the privilege of engaging in a knowledge exchange with students from various European universities. The diversity of perspectives and experiences enriched my learning and broadened my vision, not only within engineering but also across many other fields of knowledge. It allowed me to establish international connections and foster global collaboration in innovative projects. Additionally, I made personal friendships with students from other countries, breaking cultural barriers and expanding my worldview.

Marcos Braña Linares.

Master's in Industrial Engineering.

I met people from different countries who motivated me to communicate in English and socialize with experts from other fields outside my own (…). As for the group from the University of Oviedo, I was lucky; we supported each other and enjoyed the trip and the company.

Amaia Bilbao Kareaga.

Ph.D. program in Environmental and Biofood Chemical Engineering.

The second part of the 10 Days of INGENIUM in Chieti-Pescara was a great chance to share ideas between students and professors. The speakers gave practical tips for doctoral students or those who are just starting their research careers. Also, the teamwork project showed each member’s skills and revealed opportunities for future collaborative projects.

Olumayowa Onabanjo.

Doctoral student in Production Engineering, Mining-Environmental, and Projects.

How to join the 10 Days of INGENIUM

The University of Oviedo will announce calls for applications before each edition of the 10 Days of INGENIUM to choose participants for the Junior and Senior Schools, for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively.

Besides the chance to go to the schools, selected participants will get financial support to pay for travel and accommodation expenses.

Below, you can find all the information about the call for applications and the program from the previous edition of the 10 Days of INGENIUM.