Docencia bilingüe

Bilingual teaching in university master COURSES

The University of Oviedo, through the International Postgraduate Centre, makes an important commitment to internationalisation and business collaboration in its university master's degree programmes. These postgraduate programmes generally have a minimum length of 60 ECTS credits (one full-time academic year) and a maximum length of 120 ECTS (two full-time academic years), at the end of which an official degree is awarded.

In its commitment to internationalisation, the University of Oviedo has promoted teaching in English in its postgraduate programmes. The offer of university master's degrees includes teaching in this language not only in the Erasmus Mundus master's degree programmes, but also in a good number of international master's degrees, which are organised in collaboration with foreign universities.

The inter-university master's degrees, which are taught in collaboration with national teaching institutions, and the academic-professional master's degrees, are also an important way of ensuring that English is present in teaching. Some of the master's degrees use English as a vehicular language, either in some of the subjects or in their entirety, especially when the nature of the studies requires English to be the essential working tool, in an international environment and with lecturers and students from other countries.

In both bilingual master's degrees and those taught entirely in English, students interested in enrolling must accredit their knowledge of English with a B1 certificate or higher, depending on the master's degree chosen.

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