Uniovi.es unifica los resultados de búsqueda de las webs adheridas al esquema común

Los usuarios pueden realizar búsquedas, tanto sobre los contenidos publicados en www.uniovi.es, como en el resto de webs oficiales renovadas por el C1NN.

The Innovation Centre of the University of Oviedo (C1NN) has improved the search engine of the institutional webpage thanks to the development of a system that includes the chance of obtaining additional results published on other official sites of the University. The information of www.uniovi.es, pages such as the one with the seal of Campus of International Excellence and others which have had their content moved to the general structure for centres and departments is already available through this unified search system.

Its location on the web continues being the box which appears on the upper right corner of the headings of all pages and works as usual. The new system, called "federated search"- continues offering, firstly, the links to the pages of www.uniovi.es containing the search words used. But, through several additional tabs located on the upper part of the results, the user can also obtain important links to the pages of the centres and departments with their webs updated following the common scheme, as well as the official pages of the University.

The C1NN has been working for months on the updating of the websites of Faculties, Schools and Departments of the University. Apart from pages with updated content and design and easy to manage, these sites offer now their data through the search engine of the institutional website of the University, which means a greater proyection of its labour and more detailed information provided to users.