University Extension

The University of Oviedo has traditionally been one of the cultural drivers in Asturias. Through its University Extension scheme, the academic institution programmes an intense schedule of free activities that place music, theatre, talks, exhibitions and films within everyone’s reach.

More than a century ago now, a group of intellectuals from the University, known as the Oviedo Group, conceived University Extension as a way for the university to reach out and make knowledge accessible to all of society.Its legacy spread throughout Spain and Latin America and universities nowadays play an increasingly active and important role in cultural life.

With the mission of building bridges and strengthening ties, the University of Oviedo collaborates with different public and private institutions to organize diverse events throughout the year, endeavouring to reach all corners of the region.

Located in the University's Historic Building, LAUDEO Cultural Centre (so-named after "La Antigua Universidad de Oviedo", i.e. The Old University of Oviedo) provides a unique setting for many of these activities. This landmark property houses exhibitions, talks, debates, academic events, film cycles and teaching activities in many of the specialized classes open to the general public, in addition to other activities held each year on the occasion of the Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony.

Cultural innovation has been one of the hallmarks since the Oviedo Group launched the University Extension scheme more than a century ago. Today, the University is a cultural driver in the region, providing a free universal offer of activities.

The commitment of University Extension is not limited to the region's major cities: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. The University's cultural programme is committed to bringing a varied offer to smaller towns far from the major urban centres. Talks, theatre and concert cycles reach the east and west of Asturias thanks to the University, along with on-going programmes at the Valdés Salas Classroom (Salas).

Cultural innovation is another of the hallmarks of the University of Oviedo. Through its virtual gallery, GAUDEO, the University has become a reference institution in promoting its artistic heritage, which boasts more than four centuries of history. GAUDEO places the institution's artistic treasures at the service of researchers as well as the general public within the framework of an ambitious project based on cutting-edge technologies.