Theatre Group

The University of Oviedo has an important stable of acting talent. One of the most successful activities among university students is the Theatre Group.

Theatre is one of the key pieces in the cultural offerings of the University of Oviedo. The University of Oviedo Theatre Group (UOTG) is composed exclusively of students. These take part in university theatre cycles as well as performing in theatres, cultural centres and other venues under the painstaking direction of Etelvino Vázquez, one of the most representative names on the Asturian theatre scene.

In addition to staging different productions, the University Theatre Group promotes exchange with other university groups.

In addition, the UOTG promotes exchange with other university groups. It has its centre of operations on the ground floor of Lecture Hall Building A on the Humanities Campus. Its members receive prior training in the Drama Classroom organized each year by the Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication.

The Classroom programmes two courses. The first course is an introduction to the art of playing a role, gesturing, declaiming, imitating, moving one's body, etc. That is, the essential tools of acting are taught (the use of the body, emotions and voice), as well as the different theatrical techniques (Commedia dell'Arte, oriental theatre, improvisation, etc.), at the same time as highlighting the use of the word as an indispensable tool for any actor.

In the second course, a practical acting assignment is undertaken consisting of the staging of a show. Those participating in this phase then go on to form the University Theatre Group. At the end of the course, students enrolled at the University of Oviedo that have accredited participation in at least 90% of the established programme may have their participation in the Classroom officially recognized as 4 Elective credits or 3 ECTS credits.

The University of Oviedo's theatre offering is complemented by cycles such as The Contemporary Scene, in collaboration with Oviedo City Council, and The Roaming Stage, which feature the staging of some of the best current national productions and theatre done in Asturias. Admission to all the performances organized from the University Extension is free and open to society at large.