University Choir

With a tradition spanning nearly a century, the Oviedo University Choir is one of the few choirs that interpret Spanish Golden Age polyphony. Most of its members are students, who can apply for specific tuition grants convened by the University.

The University Choir performs at all the solemn academic acts at the University of Oviedo, as well as offering recitals outside of the sphere of the University. During its extensive history, the Oviedo University Choir has sung at iconic venues like the Lincoln Center in New York and has performed in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the United States and Mexico. The University Choir is currently led by the musician Joaquín Valdeón.

The Oviedo University Choir boasts a tradition spanning nearly a century, during which it has performed in France, Germany, Mexico and the USA.

Internal functioning

Choir practice traditionally takes place in the Auditorium Choir in the Historic Building (c/ San Francisco, 1 - Oviedo).

Choir member obligations

Regular attendance at rehearsals, dress rehearsals and scheduled concerts, with a maximum of six unexcused absences and six excused absences being allowed; two failures to attend rehearsals or concerts are considered serious offenses and, if deemed appropriate by the choirmaster, will involve expulsion from the Choir.

Grants for Choir members

The University provides specific grants each year to cover tuition fees for Choir members. (Students interested in further information can find the last announcement of grants on the Intranet).


Women are to dress in black and men in dark suits and dark tie. Men who do not have a suit will be provided one on loan. The Choir will provide, on loan, a green sash for performances that require wearing one.

The material loaned to members of the Choir –folders and sheet music, suits, sashes for performances, etc.– must be returned at the end of the academic year in perfect condition.