Feijoo Institute of 18th Century Studies

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Campus of Humanities. Amparo Pedregal, 3rd Floor, Left Wing. 33011 - Oviedo
985 10 46 71
985 10 46 70

The Feijoo 18th Century Studies University Institute is a research centre devoted to the multidisciplinary study of the Enlightenment in the Spanish and Ibero-American results. Currently, it is integrated by 17 tenured researchers and it has more than 200 associated members from different nationalities and disciplines. Some of the main objectives of the Institute are: developing research programmes, promoting the publication of scientific works related to the 18th Century and teaching specialised studies, University Extension and Third Cycle courses. Its specialised library is provided with more than 15,000 printed volumes (many of them are original works from the 18th century), about 700 manuscripts, Royal Decrees, plates, xilographies, etc.


Elena de Lorenzo Álvarez, Associate Professor of Spanish Literature of the University of Oviedo


Joaquín Ocampo Suárez-Valdés, Associate Professor of Economics of the University of Oviedo