Research, Innovation and Business

One of the three priorities set out by Europe in its Strategy 2020 is the achievement of ‘smart’ growth. Smart growth means consolidating knowledge and innovation as drivers of our future growth.

In addition to improving the quality of our education, universities contribute through research and knowledge transfer to boosting economic growth, creating quality jobs and ensuring regional competitiveness in an increasingly global economy.

One way to get academic research to generate growth is by enabling innovative ideas to be turned into new products and services that meet the needs of business and society. Key to this happening is the strategic collaboration and knowledge transfer between universities and businesses.

The recent European Higher Education Area opens up new prospects for collaboration between academia and industry, both in teaching and in research, enabling lines of research promoted by the corporate sector to be incorporated within universities.

Having lines of research of interest to the business world is one of the University of Oviedo priorities within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence. To this end, the University supports actions that lead to joint applications for funding from European, national and regional projects, and encourages the signing of research project contracts that will enable technological problems from the business world to be addressed from an applied research approach.