Clusters of the Campus of International Excellence

The University of Oviedo is the driving force behind research and innovation in Asturian society. The project for which the academic institution received the Campus of International Excellence seal supposes a commitment to specialization in two strategic areas in cutting-edge research: Energy and Biomedicine, both structured around their corresponding clusters which serve as a meeting point for researchers and business.In addition to this, the Arts & Humanities and the Social and Legal Sciences are addressed with a dedicated cluster.

Within the framework of the Campus of International Excellence project, the University has created a Biomedicine and Health Cluster, and an Energy, Environment and Climate Change Cluster. Both research areas are growth sectors with a profile that aims to contribute to changing the business fabric of Asturias.

Clusters represent a commitment to specialization in biomedical research, the development of alternative energy sources, the knowledge of the historical, artistic and cultural legacy and the study of the social, legal and economic framework. They represent a meeting point with companies from these industry sectors to implement international projects.

The University of Oviedo Clusters have been created as a meeting point between the researchers from the university community and other research centres and companies that operate within the fields of biomedicine, the development of alternative energy sources and the Social Sciences and Humanities. Their activities in recent years have provided leverage for the development of joint projects between researchers and companies.

Moreover, the professional team assigned to the Clusters supposes an important aid for Asturian researchers who wish to participate in international projects, as they have experience in managing a significant number of European projects.