Research Support

The University of Oviedo supports competitive, creative and multidisciplinary research, along with effective knowledge transfer to industry. The institution's commitment to excellence has led it to promote specific grants for its researchers and to implement various initiatives to attract talent.

The academic institution has its own grants scheme paving the way for young researchers and providing backing for the most promising emerging initiatives. In addition, the scheme promotes the internationalization of research done in Asturias while attempting to attract the most talented scientists from outside our borders.

The University of Oviedo has its own grants scheme providing backing for young researchers and prioritizing internationalization and excellence.

The quality of the projects carried out in the University's laboratories and classrooms has received the support of the National Science Plan and the Regional Plan for Science for researchers from the University of Oviedo. Furthermore, Asturian research groups have obtained additional sources of funding by gaining the trust of private bodies in their calls for grants.

The Campus of International Excellence is an endorsement that both boosts/enhances/expands/strengthens and promotes research at the highest level. Through its Clusters, new sources of funding have been obtained in the field of Biomedicine and Health and in the field of Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The seal of excellence awarded to the University of Oviedo affords a higher international profile to the research carried out here via mobility grants that enable our teaching staff to enjoy academic stays at one or another of the top 200 universities in the world.