Servicio de Investigación

Research Service

The Research Service carries out the integral management of research at the University of Oviedo. It carries out the functions of information, dissemination, management, monitoring and justification of the different actions that the University of Oviedo carries out for the performance of the research function and acts as a link between the various funding bodies and entities and the researchers.

The Research Service is responsible for locating and disseminating to the university and scientific community the calls for grants, aid, contracts, and research projects published in the regional, national and foreign Official Gazettes, as well as those offered by public or private organisations, foundations and companies. It also carries out advisory tasks related to the preparation of research contracts and agreements and for the presentation of applications and deadlines for public calls for proposals.

It also carries out the economic management of research, management of research personnel contracts and equipment purchase contracts, processing payments for all expenses incurred in research projects and grants from national, regional, European and international calls for proposals, as well as contracts, subsidies and other public and private aid. It also prepares the justification of the same before the mentioned bodies.

To carry out the integral management of research, the University of Oviedo has its own computer tool, called the Researcher's Portal.