Resources at the service of research staff

The University of Oviedo supports its researchers through a series of services and technical equipment that perform different functions throughout the life cycle of a research project.

These services work in different areas:

Research Service and European Projects Office. They support research staff with the dissemination of calls for proposals, preparation of proposals, negotiation of contracts and comprehensive management of grants.

Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI). Supports the protection of research results and the negotiation and management of technology transfer contracts.

Scientific and Technical Services. This resource facilitates the provision of analysis, testing and technological support services for research groups through units equipped with modern scientific equipment.

Library of the University of Oviedo. It provides access to bibliographic information to support research and management of the scientific production of researchers and the institutional repository.

Research management is carried out with the support of the Research Service, for regional and national projects and in collaboration with companies and public and private entities. The European Projects Office leads international projects, and the Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI) is in charge of knowledge transfer to companies.

The University of Oviedo also has the collaboration of the University of Oviedo Foundation, which focuses on research in collaboration with companies and support for researchers in other actions complementary to research, such as the organisation of congresses or scientific meetings.