Staff of the University of Oviedo

Internationalization is one of the overarching elements contemplated by the University of Oviedo in all its actions. The goal is to achieve greater projection and visibility on the international arena.

To this end, an ambitious programme of actions has been implemented with the idea of extending the number of international agreements signed with universities and institutions in other countries, provide financial encouragement for mobility, boost the language skills of students, lecturers and other university personnel, and to promote high-quality training and research alongside internationally renowned institutions.

Ensuring that our teaching staff and our clerical and service personnel are familiar with other institutions and other cultures will be an enriching element to develop an open, multi-cultural and more efficient university. The International Excellence Campus at the University of Oviedo has boosted international mobility with some of the top 200 best universities in the world.

"The University of Oviedo has signed mobility agreements with over a thousand universities and research centres around the world"

A fundamental step in this internationalization strategy has been to improve the language skills of our lecturers and clerical personnel. To this end, the Casa de las Lenguas (Language Institute) offers an ambitious range of courses that lead to the attainment of official qualifications recognized at international level.

The various international mobility programmes for PDI and PAS personnel represent a chance to build bridges with other academic institutions when it comes to conducting research, managing mobility programmes and fostering new schemes. The synergies between professionals working in different educational centres also help to achieve more efficient and effective management.