Tandem Language Programme

The University of Oviedo arranges to bring students of Spanish together with those studying English, French, German and Italian to participate in this programme. The Tandem Language Programme seeks to foster the learning exchange of a language, along with its culture and customs.

Programa Tandem

There is a coordinator in each language in charge of pairing off and helping participants, as well as keeping track of those who wish to obtain a certificate of participation.

Anyone who has links with the University during the academic year in which the programme runs must register on-line by filling in the form and e-mailing it to the following addresses, depending on the language in which they want to participate

The advantage of having the tandem certificate, which accredits participation in the programme, is that it counts towards extra points when applying for an Erasmus grant. To receive this certificate, students must practice their languages for at least 30 hours, keep a journal of what they are learning in each session, attend a monthly tutorial with the language advisor and write up a brief report at the end.

In addition, there are other learning options available in Tandem:

Tandem by e-mail

Pair learning via e-mail. Anyone, whether a university student or not, may participate in this option.