Spanish Courses and other activities for international students

The University of Oviedo makes every attempt to assist its international students in the arrival and settling-in process. To do so, the academic institution organizes a variety of activities especially intended to allow foreign students to get acquainted with the region in which they will be living and gradually get to know all the opportunities that the University of Oviedo and its surroundings have to offer.

Each student can choose from a varied slate of options to gradually start integrating into their new country. Thus, those who come to Asturias before the start of the academic year may participate in specific welcome activities.

The offer of activities to help foreign students settle in includes Spanish language courses, proposals for leisure and culture, and a Welcome Week before the start of clases.

Learning or improving their Spanish is one of the main goals that international students have and so there is a wide range of Spanish courses for foreigners at the University to help them do so. Through different programmes, foreign students may also collaborate and teach their native language to classmates.

The list of options available for getting to know Asturias and enjoying the stay is rounded off by all the different activities organized by the various University of Oviedo Student Associations. Culture, sports and leisure mesh to make arrival easier for foreign students.