Freemover Mobility Programmes

The Freemover mobility program is open to foreign students who meet the legal requirements for admission to university, those who already have a university degree and those who have begun their studies in a foreign university.

Admission of Freemover students shall under no circumstances suppose the recognition of having met the legal admission requirements to the University of Oviedo established by current legislation in order to take courses leading to official Spanish university degrees.

Students may come to the University of Oviedo for one or two semesters to take specific courses or studies, paying the corresponding tuition fees, which vary according to the courses and which are different for students from a European Union member country.

The following documentation must be sent:

  • Application Form
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport
  • Certificate, in such an event, of being enrolled in university courses in the country of origin. If not presently studying at university, applicants should send a statement of interest accrediting the reason for applying and how the requested studies relate to their work experience, as well as written proof that their studies enable admission to university in their country of origin.
  • Academic transcript, including courses taken to date.
  • Document accrediting knowledge of Spanish.

To start the process, documentation can be emailed to Once accepted, students must send the original documents to the following address:


Vice-rectorate for University Extension and International Development
C/Principado 3, planta baja 33207 Oviedo
For any questions: