Erasmus Studies

Through the Erasmus Programme, students can complete part of their studies – pertaining to the first, second or third cycle – at universities in foreign countries within the European Union. Each year, over 600 University of Oviedo students benefit from Erasmus international mobility stays to complete part of their studies at a foreign university.

"Each academic year, over a thousand students from the University of Oviedo enjoy an Erasmus grant co-financed by the EU, the Ministry of Education and the University."

Erasmus Students Grants are co-financed by the European Union (EU), the University of Oviedo and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and cover the additional costs of studying in another country. The EU provides additional support to students with disabilities. All financial aid is compatible with the scholarships and grants from the Ministry of Education.

Anyone enrolled at the University of Oviedo in an official degree programme or official postgraduate programme and who has completed 60 credits before commencing the mobility stay can apply for an Erasmus Student Grant.

Destinations of Erasmus studies