Students of the University of Oviedo

The University of Oviedo provides the information and support its students require to participate in mobility programmes and to apply for grants that allow them the opportunity to complete their education at a foreign university. The academic institution also offers the language training that young people require.

The thousand or so agreements and collaboration agreements that the University of Oviedo has signed with other universities provide a favourable stage for international mobility. The offering in destinations available to our students and lecturers covers universities in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

"The University of Oviedo has signed mobility agreements with more than a thousand universities and research centres around the world."

Grants and aid for international mobility are key to getting the highest number of students to visit a foreign university. The University of Oviedo participates in the major international mobility programmes and leads several European projects to promote the exchange of students.

A competitive higher education requires fluency in other languages. Through La Casa de las Lenguas students at the University of Oviedo have a broad range of courses and activities available to them to improve their language skills. Those who wish to do so may take official examinations for the respective certificates in English, French, German and Italian at the University itself.