Procurement and Assets Service

The Procurement and Assets Service of the University of Oviedo oversees the proper development of the process managed by two Administrative Sections, each one of them carries out its corresponding functions and both of them coordinated by the direction of the Service:

  • Procurement: Its main objective is the administrative management of construction contracts, public services, resources, services and, in general terms, everything related to the adquisition of goods and services and the construction work under the directions established by the contract legislation of the Spanish Public Sector and the European Union. Moreover, it provides information related to contracts to university and external bodies.
  • Real Estate, Personal Properties and Inventory: Its main function is to keep updated the sum of all the real estate and personal properties of the University and, broadly speaking, everything related to the patrimony of the University.

Contact Information
Plaza de Riego 4-3º, CP: 33003
985 10 39 74
985 10 39 99

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Sections and Units

Unit of Procurement

985 10 39 81

Unit of Inventory

985 10 40 44

Unit of Personal Properties

985 10 39 87 / 985 10 40 05

Unit of Real Estate

985 10 27 68