University Ombudsman

The University Ombudsman is responsible for safeguarding the rights of students, teaching staff and administration and service personnel at the University. To this end, the Ombudsman receives complaints made by any member of the University community, offering to mediate in disagreements and differences that may exist between individuals or groups belonging to the university community and proposing solutions aimed at reconciling the parties in discord.

The University Ombudsman is a body providing safeguards and appointed by Senate. Its actions are not subject to mandatory instructions on the part of any university authority, being governed by the principles of independence, impartiality, independence and confidentiality. The current University Ombudsman is Mr Ramón Durán Rivacoba, who was appointed on 15 December 2011 and took office on 17 January 2012.


  • Ensure respect for the rights and freedoms of teaching staff, students and administration and service personnel, with the aim of avoiding arbitrary actions or situations of helplessness in the face of activities of the internal bodies of the University.
  • Receive complaints made by any member of the university community who has a legitimate interest.
  • Mediatein disagreements and differences between members of, or groups belonging to, the university community and propose solutions to reconcile the parties in discord and reach agreements.
  • Formulate recommendations, suggestions, warnings and reminders of legal duties in cases in which the Ombudsman has intervened.
  • Submit the annual report to Senate.

(To request intervention or consult a record, visit the intranet)

Contact information

Office of the University Ombudsman
E.T.S. de Minas 1ª planta, C/ Independencia, 13, 33004 Oviedo
Ramón Durán Rivacoba
985 10 29 30 / 985 10 29 31
985 10 29 35

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Teresa Palomino Durán
985 10 29 30