In relation to job placement, the activities undertaken are aimed, firstly, at providing personalized training and guidance on how to find employment commensurate with the studies carried out and, secondly, at providing information on the job market.

Training takes the form of seminars and individualized tutoring at University of Oviedo centres. Information is likewise accessible via the University Employment Service software application, which publicizes the vacancies communicated to the University of Oviedo, and via the job exchange, which provides students with knowledge of job offers, grants, prizes and competitions published in the national press.

Student placements in companies as well as scholarships for graduates awarded by the University of Oviedo Foundation are also managed through this software application.

Access to the software application

Besides these activities, the University of Oviedo seeks to promote entrepreneurial culture among students and graduates. One of the most important activities is the Employment Forum held each year, as well as initiatives aimed at creating spin-offs, training courses on entrepreneurship and business ideas contests.

The University also has a support tool, the Placement and University Employment Agency, which acts as an intermediary in the labour market between demand and job offers aimed at students and graduates.