Government and Services

The organizational structure of the University of Oviedo consists of collegiate and single-person bodies of governance, representation, consultancy and warranty. All these bodies oversee the proper functioning of university services.

The project Ad Futurum. From the XVII to XXI Century: Projecting our tradition into the future, with which the University of Oviedo won the seal of excellence, has fostered the development of internationalization policies and decisive support in the implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).The resources achieved via the CIE have enabled the development of numerous lines of actions in teaching, research and corporate social responsibility that would have been impossible in the current economic climate.

Outstanding among its six lines of action is the restructuring of the campuses, which involved the merger of 15 centres into six major Faculties and Schools, with the consequent rationalization of resources. This action has been set as an example of best practices in the 2015 University Strategy monitoring report drawn up by international experts.

The Ad Futurum-Asturias CIE has also enabled the taking of steps towards the internationalization of the University of Oviedo, with mobility programmes and others aimed at attracting talent in conjunction with the world's major universities. It has also fostered the launch of the International Postgraduate Centre, which administers the offer in Master's degrees, University of Oviedo certificate courses and PhD programmes.

In the field of research, the Campus of International Excellence has a commitment to specialization in two areas via its Energy, Environment and Climate Change Cluster and Biomedicine and Health Cluster. These clusters have served as a meeting point between researchers and the business world.