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  • Communication of insured accidents


    The University of Oviedo has hired several insurance policies through open and negotiated process, covering the following risks:

    • General civil responsibility
    • Nuclear civil responsibility (Nuclear facilities)
    • Structural damages (Buildings-Continent and contents)
    • Working insurance (Specific members of the staff: Rector's team, drivers, technicians...)
    • Vehicles
    • Leisure boats of the Higher School of the Civil Navy
    • Risk insurance for Postgraduate and Specific Degree Students, and Students of the Spanish Course for Foreigners

    Any damage caused by a sudden, accidental and unforeseen event that had taken place within the valid period of an insurance policy hired by the University of Oviedo, and whose consequences are partially or totally covered by it, will be considered as an accident and it should be communicated as soon as possible in order to apply the corresponding compensation.


    Any person who has any suffered damage covered by the insurance policies hired by the University of Oviedo.


    • The event, covered by an insurance policy, should be reported as soon as possible.
    • All the documentation that proves the validity of the claim must be submitted for the procedure to take place.

    Body in charge

    Office of the Vice-Rector for Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts.

    Contact of the body in charge

    Service of Hiring and Heritage. Section of Real State, Personal and Inventory Heritage. Telephone: 985 10 40 05; Fax: 985 10 39 99; E-mail:


    After the accident has taken place, it will be communicated to the insurance company via the Service of Hiring and Heritage, within seven days.


    • Law 50/1980, dated October 8, that regulates the Hiring of Insurance in the terms not approved by the Legal Royal Decree 6/2004, dated October 29, by means of which it is approved the Consolidated Version of the Law of organization and supervision of private insurance.
    • Law 26/2006, dated July 17, on mediation of private insurance, and whichever dispositions of private law may be applicable (Law 33/1984, dated August 2, on Organization of Private Insurance; Regulations for the Organization of Private Insurance approved by the Royal Decree 1348/1985, dated August 1; Law 30/1995, on the Organization and Supervision of Private Insurance; and Royal Decree 690/1988, dated June 24, by means of which it is approved the Regulations for the Production of Private Insurance).

    Forms of notification

    Via post, fax or e-mail.

    Ways to apply

    Via the form for the communication of the accident via e-mail, internal mail or fax to the corresponding contact.

    Places to submit

    Service of Hiring and Heritage.
    Section of Real State, Personal and Inventory Heritage
    Plaza de Riego, 4-3º, 33003, Oviedo

    Application process

    The application form may be downloaded from this link.

    Once it has been completed, it must be sent to the Section of Real State, Personal and Inventory Heritage of the University of Oviedo via e-mail, fax or post.

    Further information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Notices related to the covered risks:

    The University of Oviedo has hired the Correduría de Seguros Aon Gil y Carvajal S.A.U., Correduría de Seguros, for the mediation, management and counceling in matters pertaining to the insurance hired by the University of Oviedo. Depending on the complexity of the questions consulted, they may be transfered to said enterprise:

    Eugenio Modroño
    Executive of the Account
    Marqués de Pidal 18, 1º dcha.; 33004, Oviedo; España
    985 257 799
    985 257 390