Government and Services

The organizational structure of the University of Oviedo consists of collegiate and single-person bodies of governance, representation, consultancy and warranty. All these bodies oversee the proper functioning of university services.

The Statutes of the University of Oviedo clearly establish the bodies that make up the structure, function and composition of the University.

The general bodies of the University are:

  1. Collegiate bodies: the Advisory Council, Senate, Governing Council, Rectoral Council, Claims Commission and Central Electoral Board
  2. Single-person bodies: the Rector, Vice-Rectors, General Secretary, Administrator, University Ombudsman, Area Directors, Deputy General Secretaries, Deputy Administrators and the Rector's Delegates.

The university centres, departments and institutes also have collegiate bodies such as Faculty or School Coucils, Department and Institute Councils, and Electoral Boards, as well as single-person bodies such as Deans and Heads of Centers and Departments, Vice-Deans, Deputy Directors and Secretaries.

The proper functioning of the bodies of governance guarantees compliance with the mission of the University and transparency in all the services offered by the Asturian academic institution.

The University of Oviedo has a wide catalogue of services aimed at the university community itself, as well as at society at large.