Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Master's Degree in Prosthetic Rehabilitation & Integal Occlusion

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 4

    Número mínimo de alumnos exigido: 2

    Duration: 2 years (60 ECTS credits)

    Tuition Fee: €15,000 (to be paid in two installments of €7.500 each)

    Access Requirements:

    Being in possession of an official University Degree. Nevertheless, exceptionally, admission will be extended to professionals directly related to to the speciality of the course who lack a Degree, as long as they prove their professional careers and meet the legal criteria to access University courses.

    Please check the Agreement of November 29, 2007 of the Governing Council of the University of Oviedo, which approves the regulation of studies leading to Certificate Degrees and other Postgraduate Degrees (BOPA, January 12, 2008).

    Only period for pre-registration and enrollment

    • Pre-registration: June 2 to August 20
    • Provisional Lists of admitted applicants:September 4
    • Complaints: September 5-9
    • Definitive Lists: September 12
    • Enrollment: September 15-19

    Admission Requirements:

    1. Students must meet one of the two following requirements:
      • Dentistry graduates
      • Practitioners in Estomatology or Maxillo-Facial surgery
    2. University, professional and research transcripts
    3. Personal interview

    Modality: Attendance required and clinical internships

    Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 14:30

    Teaching Center: University Clinic of Dentistry

    Professional Opportunities

    1. Private professional practice or employed in esthomatologic prothesis and other related disciplines
    2. National Health System and other institutions offering dental benefits
    3. Private or public companies related to the research and development of material, instrumental and apparatus used in Prosthodontics, Occlusion and Implantology


    This is a two-year Master's course organised into four terms to complete 60 ECTS credits. Students shall attend 60% of the classes, 80% of which is clinical practice.

    MODULE I . Esthomatological prothesis and Conventional Occlusion

    • Designing, planning and implanting total or partial removable prosthesis.
    • Designing, planning and implanting fixed prosthesis and others prosthetic restorations.
    • Occlusal theory and practice applied to Prosthodontics

    MODULE II. Unconventional implant-supported prostheses

    • Fixed Prosthetic Implantology and the like. Designing, planning and carrying out
    • Removable Prosthetic Implantology. Designing, planning and carrying out
    • Occlusion in implantology and unusual instrumentation

    MODULE III. Global restoration of the stomatognathic apparatus

    • Rehabilitation of the estomatognathic apparatus. Integration of factors
    • Occlusal and prothesic rehabilitation. Interaction with other dental field
    • Temporomandibular disorders. Diagnosis and treatment


    Coordination :

    • Dr. Ángel Álvarez Arenal

      Telephone: 985103626

      E-mail: arenal@uniovi.es

      Office: Department of Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialities. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Oviedo. Campus del Cristo s/n, 33006, Oviedo.