Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Master's Degree in Periodontology

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 2

    Número mínimo de alumnos exigido: 2

    Duration: 3 años (180 créditos ECTS; Créditos teóricos: 20 Créditos otras actividades: 160). Fechas de realización (Inicio y Fin): 13 septiembre 2021 a 31 julio 2024

    Tuition Fee: 24.000 €

    Access Requirements:

    Being in possession of an official University Degree. Nevertheless, exceptionally, admission will be extended to professionals directly related to to the speciality of the course who lack a Degree, as long as they prove their professional careers and meet the legal criteria to access University courses.

    Please check the Agreement of November 29, 2007 of the Governing Council of the University of Oviedo, which approves the regulation of studies leading to Certificate Degrees and other Postgraduate Degrees (BOPA, January 12, 2008).

    Admission Requirements:

    Holders of a degree in Dentistry, Medicine specialty in Stomatology

    Selection criteria:

    1. Knowledge and interest in periodontology. Theoretical and practical exam.
    2. Knowledge of English and research methodology. Theoretical and practical exam.
    3. Positive and perfectionist attitude. Dedication to the training programme as a future specialist.

    Modality: Attendance required


    Dedicación Completa el horario se modifica durante las fases del desarrollo del curso

    Teaching Center: Odontology University Clinic, Sicilia Clinic, Tejerina Clinic.

    Professional Opportunities

    This Certificate Master's Degree has been designed with an structure divided into three academic years, including a period for internship and cooperation in an official clinic. Its objetive is to form the Postgraduate student in order to successfully work at periodontology, including surgical aspects of oral implantology, at the level of specialist. This Certificate Master's Degree allows its graduates, therefore, to work in the private practice as a specialist in periodontal microsurgery and dental implants.


    This course has a duration of 3 years, organized in 6 terms with a total of 180 ECTS credits.

    This master's course of the University of Oviedo will consist of:

    1. Seminars, clinical sessions and tutored lessons
    2. Clinical practice
    3. Periodontological research. The results of this investigation must be submitted, preferably as a PhD Thesis.

    On completion of the final year, students must pass the final examination and defend their research project in order to obtain this degree.


    1. Seminars, tutored lessons and works:

    • A. Anatomy.
    • B. Biology and physiology of periodontal and peri-implant tissues.
    • C. Microbiology of dental plaque and oral micro-ecology.
    • D. Etiology, clinic and diagnosis of periodontal and peri-implant illness.
    • E. Periodontal illness treatment.
    • F. Radiology and imaging techniques I.
    • G. Pharmacology related to periodontal treatment.
    • H. Supportive treatment of periodontal patients and patients with dental implants.
    • I. Emergencies in periodontal clinic.

    2. Patient treatment

    Clinical requirements:

    • A. Pre-clinic training.
    • B. Basic Treatment.
    • C. Supportive treatment.
    • D. Diagnosis and treatment of medical urgencies in the periodontal clinic.

    3. Research

    4. Additional training:

    1. Bivariant and mono analytic and descriptive statistics.
    2. Basic methods of applied computer science.

    Total hours during the first year:

    • Seminars/tutored lessons 320 horas
    • Research 320 horas
    • Periodontal treatment 640 horas
    • Total 1280 horas

    From the second year, students will have the chance to work in external clinics where patients are treated by members of the team of the periodontology area.

    1. Seminars, tutored lessons and works:

    Topics to be reviewed:

    • A. Pathogenesis of periodontal and peri-implant pathology. The role of the host response.
    • B. Epidemiology of periodontal illnesses.
    • C. Manifestations of systematic illnesses in the oral cavity.
    • D. Patients with a delicate medical condition.
    • E. Antimicrobial treatment of periodontal and per-implant pathologies.
    • F. Occlusal trauma.
    • G. Treatment of periodontal illnesses.
    • H. Behavioural sciences in periodontics.
    • I. Treatment of furcation lesions.
    • J. Inter-relationship between periodontics and other disciplines

    2. Patient treatment

    Clinical requirements:

    • A. Pre-clinic training.
    • B. Surgical treatment.
    • C. Occlusal treatment.
    • D. Orthodontic treatment.
    • E. Rotation in maxillofacial surgery.

    3. Research:

    4. Additional training:

    1. Specific research training.
    2. Basic methods of applied computer science.

    Total hours during the second year

    Seminars/tutored lessons 320 horas

    Research 320 horas

    Periodontal treatment 640 horas

    Total 1280 horas 5


    1. Seminars, tutored lessons and works:

    Topics to be reviewed:

    • A. Cosmetic and preprosthetic periodontal surgery.
    • B. Biological background and fundamentals of osseointegration.
    • C. Main types of dental implants.
    • D. Radiology and image techniques II.
    • E. Scientific assessment of an implant systems.
    • F. Preliminary design of a treatment plan.
    • G. Basic surgical procedures in osseintegration.
    • H. Advanced surgical procedures in osseintegration.
    • I. Guided bone regeneration and immediate implants.
    • I. Advanced surgical procedures in osseintegration. II.- The upper jaw with re-absorption.
    • J. Advanced surgical procedures in osseintegration. III.- The lower jaw with re-absorption.
    • K. Advanced surgical procedures in osseintegration. IV.- Cosmetic and mucosa surgery in implants.
    • L. Prostheses on implants.

    2. Patient treatment:

    Clinical requirements:

    • A. Preoperative diagnosis of patients who are going to have dental implants.
    • B. Surgical aspect in osseintegration.
    • C. Prosthetic aspect in osseintegration.

    3. Research

    Total hours during the third year:

    • Seminars/tutored lessons 320 horas
    • Research 560 horas
    • Periodontal treatment 320 horas
    • Implant treatment (4) 320 horas
    • Total 1520 horas


    • Secretario: Santiago García Barros

      Telephone: 985 10 36 41

      E-mail: sgbarros@uniovi.es

    Coordination :

    • Alberto Sicilia Felechosa

      E-mail: asicilia@uniovi.es

      Office: Departamento de Cirugía y Especialidades Médico-Quirúrgicas

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