Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

  • Continuing Education in Advance Triage and META Triage in Incidents with Multiple Victims

    General Information

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Places: 100

    Número mínimo de alumnos exigido: 20

    Duration: 4 meses (8 créditos ECTS)

    Tuition Fee: 190 €

    Access Requirements: Bachellor's Degree/Degree in Medicine

    Modality: On line


    1 octubre 2021-30 junio 2022 - Formación On Line:

    • 2 meses módulo teórico
    • 2 meses módulo práctico en entorno virtual web

    Teaching Center: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Online).

    Professional Opportunities

    By completing this course, the student will have acquired the skills needed for advanced META triage in Incidents with Multiple Victims. Moreover, they will know how to operate the virtual tool for training in triage. This continuing education course is mainly directed at healthcare staff (medical or nursing staff) who may have to act in Incidents with Multiple Victims as emergency personnel.


    The Continuing Education in Advance Triage and META Triage in Incidents with Multiple Victims takes one academic year, with a dedication by the student of 4 months. It has a duration of 8 ECTS credits.

    MODULE I: The module has 12 topics, whose teaching materials will be handed to the student throughout 2 months. The subjects it will develop are:

    1. Emergency systems
    2. Response in IMVs
    3. The concept of triage
    4. Basic triage and advanced triage
    5. Types of basic triage
    6. Elements of categorization
    7. Advanced Vital Support for Traumas
    8. Physiological and anatomical variables
    9. Field Triage of the CDC
    10. Origin and development process of the META
    11. The META
    12. Research in Triage

    MODULE II: During the practical module, the student will conduct triage practices with an online virtual triage program, after creating a personal username and password, which cannot be transferred during these two months. The progress of the student will be surveyed, alongside their time connected to the program. The student will take a minimum of 500 practical cases, in order to access the online practical exam afterwards.


    Coordination :

    • Dr. Rafael Castro Delgado

      E-mail: castrorafael@uniovi.es

    • Dr. Pedro Arcos González

      E-mail: arcos@uniovi.es

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